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Benefits of using Labster

Improve motivation & engagement

Integrate curriculum theory and relevant quiz questions with hands-on virtual practices and animations that increase student engagement and learnings.

Modeled after real-world scenarios

Integrate real-world scenarios with 3D animations visualizing life science down to the molecular level.

Inquiry-based learning

Track your students online progress and use data to pin-point focus areas. Students learn through trial & error repeating experiments when necessary.

Adaptive learning

Labster automatically adapts to the individual students skill level, by adjusting quiz difficulty during simulations based on students’ profile.



Works on Mac, PC, iPad and Gear VR



Every day at Labster – we’re inspired by the big picture of science education.

Our labs are designed for students attending the top schools around the world. Don’t spend hours fishing around for tutorials that only skim the surface. Learn bio sciences from the most comprehensive learning environment anywhere.

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Improve Theory Comprehension, Keep focused & Have Fun

You can spill reagents, mix combustible materials and enjoy limitless lab time! Whether you are reconstructing an ancient caveman or modifying yeast genetics, Labster gives studeyounts the flexibility to experiment and learn at your own pace.

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Saves Resources, Supports Instructors & Stays Current

Labster is a pioneering teaching tool that allows students to put theory into practice before they ever step into a wet-lab, saving schools thousands of dollars while optimizing the learning experience.



Hundreds of students using Labster at university in Denmark.

We’re driven by the belief that all students should be able to experience the awe-inspiring study of life-science.Mads Bonde, Founder and CEO

Trusted by education managers and professors world-wide

Kate SpohrEducation Manager at Berkeley

The self-paced nature of Labster makes it particularly useful to a broad range of students from varied backgrounds.

Dr. Philip GibsonBioscience Program Director at Gwinnett Technical College

It has scientific fidelity built into every scenario, which requires input from multiple areas of expertise, to ensure both high scientific and educational standards.

Kambiz HamadaniAssistant Professor, California State University

Labster has pioneered a novel solution that can be very beneficial to universities and students globally.

Mette Voldby LarsenAssociate professor, Technical University of Denmark

The thing I like the best about Labster is that it’s similar to a computer game, which is much more fun and motivating for students.

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Classroom device support

Labster is easy to use in the classroom on computers, tablets and GearVR.

Browser Based

Labster is easy to use almost anywhere, as it works in common browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera).

Flexible and insightful

It’s your lab, anytime. Use it anytime and keep track of your progress.

Game-like experience

Gauge your progress & integrate your studies in a fun environment.


Labster in Gear VR Virtual Reality


Revolutionizing Life-Science
Learning with Virtual Reality

Labster also works with Virtual Reality headsets, such as the Samsung Gear VR, supported by Oculus.
This new immersive technology allow students to use their mobile phones (currently Samsung Note4, S6 or later), and with a 200 USD VR headset, they can turn their mobile phone into a fully featured virtual reality laboratory, which they can use in school, at home, in the train or bus.

This literally allows students all over the world to get immersive access to million dollar laboratories and use the latest high tech equipment, as if they were standing right there in the real physical lab – anytime, anywhere.



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